Bryer & Lorenzo Serviced

Bryer & Lorenzo Serviced

Bryer and Lorenzo start by watching each other stroke their cocks. I usually say whoever gets their dick hard first, gets sucked first, but both guys were ready to go.

No need for a coin toss as Lorenzo is first to take Bryer’s 8+ cock in his mouth. He tries to get as much as he can down his throat.

Bryer returns the favor, using a twisty-fist-action to suck and jerk Lorenzo. This is a quick way to make a guy cum, so I am glad he switched to oral only and we avoided a misfire.

They suck each other 69-style, which allows Lorenzo a better angle to swallow all of Bryer’s cock.

I had asked Bryer what was his favorite thing to do to cum, and he said having someone sit on his face was a sure-fire way to nut.

Lorenzo sits on his face while Bryer eats out his hole, and strokes his own cock. Ass in face, he blows his load. Lorenzo was edging while Bryer was ramping up to cum, so easily adds his own nut to Bryer’s load, coating his body.

Lorenzo licks up all the cum, sucking more out of Bryer’s cock, then sharing a hot kiss with Bryer!

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