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Dave & Simon RAW – Cherry Busting

Simon Paldov is due to get his Cherry Busted and the lucky guy to do it is Dave Swanson.


Simon Paldov is due to get his Cherry Busted and the lucky guy to do it is Dave Swanson. They sit on the edge of the bed as they chat a little bit. Then they start to kiss. Simon removes his spectacles and returns to kissing Dave. They begin to strip and Dave lays on the bed so that Simon can suck his cock. He rubs Simon’s head as the hot mouth works on his hard cock. Simon slurps at the cock as he sucks. Then he kisses Dave again and starts to suck on his nipples too. He is a noisy sucker and takes the hard cock deep into his mouth, right down to the balls. Then Simon removes his jeans and kneels over Dave so they can suck each other. Simon works on Dave’s cock as his own dick is being sucked. With his cock getting rock hard as Dave sucks it Simon then moves to the side so they can kiss again. Simon then straddles Dave and feels the hard cock slide deep into his ass.

He rides up and down on Dave’s rock hard cock. He bounces on that cock taking it well. Then Simon kneels so that Dave can fuck him from behind. The stiff dick fucks in and out of the hole with nice long strokes. Simon moans as he feels his ass fucked deep. He reaaches between his legs to pull on his own cock as he takes Dave’s in his ass. Then he is turned over, with his legs in the air to get more of that hard fucking. He wanks on his cock as Dave fucks him nice and deeply. Simon’s wanking gets faster as Dave fucks him hard. Soon Simon’s wanking results it the creamy cum unloading form his cock. Dave continues to fuck that sexy hole as Simon keeps moaning. Dave then pulls out of that hot ass and wanks his cock to drain it, just a little, before he leans forward and kisses Simon again.

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