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Filda Daneska – Erotic Solo

by William Higgins

Filda Daneska is aged 22 and lives in Prague. He is a student who enjoys sports, jogging and volleyball. Sitting on the end of the bed this good looking str8 guy does a very nice interview. The Filda lays on the bed and begins to feel himself through his clothes, reaching into his jeans too. He opens his jeans and removes them, releasing his cock and balls. He starts to wank his cock and rub his balls as he lifts his tee shirt to show his body. That cock gets nice and hard as he wanks himself with one hand as the other runs over that hot body. Then Filda lifts his legs and shows off his ass.

He reaches down to pull on the ass cheeks as his tight hole is fully exposed. He pulls hard on the ass cheeks stretching the hot hole and he rubs a finger over it. He keeps teasing that hot hole with a finger and then turns over, onto his knees. Again he rubs his hole and he also gives his ass a spank as he wanks his cock down between his legs. He moves onto his knees and wanks that stiff cock as he runs a hand over his hot body. As he gets close to cumming his entire body stiffens showing his taut muscles. Then that cock releases the creamy cum and the body relaxes from its’ tautness as he milks his cock dry. Then he goes off to the shower to clean up.

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